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We have had more than 6 inches of rain in the past week and it is still coming down. Everything is absolutely sodden. As we are at the top of the range there is water flowing out of the ground everywhere, cascading down the hills, creating streams and rivers of water all over the place.

At first, we enjoyed the novelty of being indoors by the fire and listening to the sound of pouring rain outside. The water tanks are overflowing, and rain at this time of year just before things start to warm up is good news for spring growth in the paddocks.

Yet it is never long in this family before cabin fever sets in and the need to be outside overrides the weather. We simply rugged up in our waterproofs (or in board shorts, which are apparently also suitable) and set out into the rain to explore the deluge.

Always the first to fill her boots with water, this water baby will paddle in anything.
This fellow loves rolling in the mud too.
And our galloways look even more like teddy bears in the rain when their coats go curly.


2 thoughts on “Deluge

  1. mirari

    nordic countries have a dictum that says there’s no cold outside, it’s just that you didn’t chose the correct clothing 🙂 so, rain clothing and outside!!!

  2. Pauline Post author

    Love that message, it’s so true. Only problem is, here is Australia we are better equipped for sun than cold conditions so sometimes we lack the decent gear. Also, I think there is nearly always a difference between how much clothing a mother thinks is suitable, to what the children think!

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