Bush Kids

Children and Nature



The 52 Project: a portrait of my children, once a week, every week (most weeks), in 2015.

Only a week after coming down with a case of the winter blues (due to rounds of illnesses and the howling westerly wind), the possibility of spring now seems just around the corner. So much so that we stayed out late by the fire under a starry Friday night sky, and when the chill began to set in dragged the swags out so that we could remain there just a little longer. Long enough, in fact, for all four children to fall asleep nestled up together outside. There is something so deeply satisfying about carrying sleeping children inside to bed (although these days the big ones are getting heavy), complete with coats, boots, and tomato sauce-smeared faces.

Dash: This, he says, is ‘his bedroom’. There’s no doubt that he is more at peace in the bush than anywhere else.

Jem: ‘Dogger’ (named from the Shirley Hughes classic) has long been his favourite teddy.
Scarlett: warming her hands for a moment before carrying on with her firebug ways (we have to have a ‘kids fire’ in addition to our cooking fire due to the endless poking and stoking that goes on, with Scarlett the main offender)

Cassidy: No individual photo of our biggest boy this week: he was off having sleep-overs at friend’s places, he was here or there, or just too quick to catch. I had intended on capturing a few shots at skiing today, but there was no way I was following him up onto that terrifying-looking half pipe, even for the sake of a photo.


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