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Bush Birthday


We recently celebrated my 40th birthday at one of my favourite spots on our property, a kind of natural amphitheatre on top of a hill with massive boulders and tall gums on all sides.

A midwinter outdoor birthday demands lots of warmth: there were big enamel pots full of soup warming on the cooking fire, to eat with crusty bread.And another bigger fire in the centre of it all.

Kids and dogs were everywhere, climbing and building forts and toasting marshmallows.

Oldest and dearest friends said a few words about old times.

And yet more words were shared by wonderful husbands and fathers..

Although it was tempting to remain beside the glowing coals of the fire long after the sun had set, we still had to get all the vehicles back across a boggy, slippery creek, so with the onset of darkness we relocated back to the house.

Where we shed beanies, multiple layers and muddy boots, and settled in for an evening of wine and cheese and cake around the home fires.

The highlight for me was introducing my oldest friends, many of whom travelled from interstate, to my closest ‘new’ friends. It felt like a joining of the dots of my life; a bringing together of the parts to create a whole. And sharing all this in the place we have made our home, on the land we love.

Thanks to wonderful friend and neighbour Anne Daniel for many of these photos.


4 thoughts on “Bush Birthday

  1. Pauline Post author

    love EVERYTHING !! Including the new copper lights in the kitchen!!!

    Most of all though I love you for being a wonderful wife and mother and for just being YOU !
    Love Mum x

  2. jtuncks

    Loved meeting the ‘new friends’. Was an awesome avo/night just too short a visit.
    Maybe you could blog the recipe for the spicy capsicum soup!!!!!
    See you soon xxxx Jennie

  3. Alison

    Happy 40th birthday Pauline. It looks like a wonderful celebration. It is pretty special when you get all the people in you love together in the place you love. It doesn’t happen often enough. Many happy returns. xx

    1. Pauline Post author

      Thanks so much Alison. After putting so much effort into events for everyone else in the family I was a little reluctant to do anything for my own, but as you say, getting the people you love together is pretty rare these days and SO worth the effort.

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