Bush Kids

Children and Nature



The 52 Project: a portrait of my children, once a week, every (most) weeks in 2015.

Cass: those luscious lips and that mop of hair! 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADash: we found feathers from a lyrebird’s tail – a real treasure, specially for this little birdwatcher

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJem: the cold nipping at his nose and cheeks whilst out exploring at ‘The Troll Bridge’

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAScarlett: she will only wear leggings, but wears them out (big tears in the bottom especially) at a rate of about one per week because of all the climbing and sliding down boulders that goes on around here


7 thoughts on “52

    1. Pauline Post author

      The days are almost at their shortest but I find it still essential to get out for a short bit of time after school and before dinner, although, yes, it can get pretty cold by late afternoon, specially in the low spots where the sun doesn’t reach us. A hot thermos of something (as well as mittens for little cold hands) seem to do wonders though.

  1. Nasreen

    Ha, I think this past winter was the first with fewer pant casualties…my eldest only destroyed one pair, finally his brother can enjoy some unmended hand-me-downs. And Jem’s eyes are hypnotic!

    1. Pauline Post author

      Pants hardly ever get handed-down in this family! Even the eldest (8) still wears out his knees and behind on all his pairs. And yes, we rarely get through the supermarket shop without several comments on Jem’s eyes!

      1. Nasreen

        My eldest is 11 this month, so maybe there’s light at the end of the tunnel for you too…although yesterday he busted through the butt of his shorts after being on his bike literally all day!

  2. Carie

    Oh wow what a huge feather – definitely a treasure! It definitely looks like you have winter in your part of the world, I’m sat here in a sundress and the pictures are making me shiver!

    1. Pauline Post author

      Isn’t the first month of the new season the best – getting out those sundresses (or winter woolies in our case) feels SO good. Where we previously lived in northern Australia we didn’t have such definitive seasons, mainly it was just HOT!, with a wet hot and a dry hot. I must admit I do love the different rhythms and rituals of the four distinct seasons!

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