Bush Kids

Children and Nature



The 52 Project, a portrait of my children once a week, every (most) weeks, in 2015.Dash: The cattle yards make the perfect goal posts to carry on with the morning’s match. He appeared with a bit of tennis racket tape around his head as a headband – at least it keeps that hair out of his eyes!

Cass: some rare one-on-one time away with my biggest boy, representing his district at the regional cross country running

Jem: another soccer boy playing in the yards, this one about to leap off the loading ramp

Scarlett: after bundling her up with excessive blankets (‘because it’s nearly winter’), she is taking her baby for a walk in the garden


2 thoughts on “52

  1. Chrisy@GoodNorthCoastLife

    Gosh what a coincidence. I was just on a friends blog, who also participates in the 52 project, talking about ‘bush kids’ and how your love of nature never leaves you and then l find your blog through Jodi’s link up! Love your blog’s name and look forward to exploring it further. Such a tribe of kids 🙂 well done on photographing them all this week. xx

    1. Pauline Post author

      So glad you are interested in this theme Chrisy! Talking about the importance of nature to children’s lives is the main reason I started the blog last year, and possibly to encourage others to spend more time outdoors with their children. A love of nature can be, like you say, a resource you have for life. What is the name of your friend’s blog?

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