Bush Kids

Children and Nature

The 52 Project


The 52 Project: a portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2015.


 Scarlett: firebug


Jem: ‘I have a mouthful of chocolate!’


Dash: his beloved beaver fell in the fire and needed some first aid and cuddles

mullyaneaster15 129Cassidy: brothers


2 thoughts on “The 52 Project

  1. Alison

    We lit our first fire of the season on the weekend. The kids all looked like they had been camping by the end of the cookout – ash and dirt smeared over their happy faces. Your kids do look like they are having the happiest of free range childhoods! x

    1. Pauline Post author

      Thanks Alison! I agree – weekend bbqs on the home campfire are so good! When we have a clear weekend day, with nothing much on, we light the fire in the afternoon while we are pottering in the garden, the kids ride their bikes or play, and we stay out there til late, so that it truly does feel like camping. After dinner, we linger round the fire, and the littlest ones fall asleep in our arms, with smoky hair and tomato sauce smeared over their faces. When we finally carry them all inside, returning to a kitchen which needs no cleaning up is the perfect end to the day. Sometimes we even sneak back out by ourselves to enjoy the flames a little longer.

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