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Weapons for Outdoor Boys


SONY DSCOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is our collection of boys weaponry. It includes swords, shields, spears, staffs, knives, daggers, and wands and is in constant use. If the kids are outside, there is nearly always an imaginary game of rangers, ninjas, wizards, bandits, or warriors afoot. Bows and arrows are also a big part of life here, however archery is more of a hobby than a game, and their bows are real pieces of equipment, not toys.

Some weapons in the collection come and go: staffs and daggers are constantly being collected and whittled from trees until just the right shape, but just as often they get taken on some mission, and then forgotten and so return to the bush from which they came.

There are some swords made out of scraps of wood from the workshop, and decorated with glittery stick-ons by the kids, as well as some finer quality daggers made by their Papa.

The beautiful embossed leather swords (see top picture), made by Alejandro, are heirloom quality and are the most cherished pieces in our arsenal. The blade is sufficiently long to satisfy the older boys, and, best of all, they come with a fantastic sword belt, which the boys wear across the body making it easy for a quick draw. Each sword comes with your choice of symbol embossed on the hilt and on the belt. Our children, including our only daughter (who, is must be said, prefers a fairy wand to a sword) have all received one of these swords, in turn, as a very special christmas gift.

The bejewelled wooden swords from here are more suitable for slightly younger children, and were a favourite with our boys when they were aged 4-5.

Also heavily used has been this wooden bushcraft play knife from iwishiwasa, with its own sheath and knife belt. The older boys have recently graduated to real pocket knives but the owner of this little knife is still reluctant to relinquish it to his younger siblings.

There is always a lot of adjusting of belts and scabbards, and fine-tuning of kit that goes on prior to the commencement of any of this fantasy play. Even the fairy in the house doesn’t spend as much time on her wings as these boys spend arranging their weaponry. In spite of all this, if they find themselves somewhere without their favourite sword, a stick will always suffice.


One thought on “Weapons for Outdoor Boys

  1. Zena

    Hi there Pauline, it’s me again! This is such a timely post. Max and Archie often engage in “battle” with sticks and wooden tools like saws and I’ve been thinking I need proper swords for them but didn’t know where to buy them. I’ve had a good look and found some just perfect for both age groups. So thank you for the links. Always great photos btw.

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