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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe celebrated a 6th birthday yesterday, and it was brimming over with excitement and happiness. The birthday boy fell asleep last night mid-sentence, finally overcome with the fullness of the day.

This 6 year old loves nothing more than spending hours in the bush, and is content with simple things – a stick for a sword, a cubby amongst the boulders, or a long walk through the forest, seeking out tracks and treasures along the way.

His birthday was in keeping with these things he loves, beginning in the early hours with a sunrise bush hunt for hidden birthday presents and breakfast on the campfire. His birthday gifts, stashed in wombat holes and up trees, included a few tools for his outdoor adventures, as well as, of all things – a toy beaver hidden in a beaver ‘lodge’!  Inspired by an opportunistic viewing of the beautiful wildlife fiction movie The Adventures of White Tuft the Little Beaver (filmed with real animals) – ever since we have been fascinated by Canadian wildlife and especially beavers, of course. There was a reason the beavers had such a special role in Narnia!

Dash’s birthday falls in what should be high summer here, but we have had a week of wintery mountain weather. On this cool grey birthday morning we warmed ourselves by the fire, ate sweet crepes and drank hot billy tea – all before scampering back up the hill to race off to school. The other three children have all declared that they also would like an early morning treasure hunt and bush breakfast for their birthday – well why not, wouldn’t you?



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