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This New Year we turned down offers to go elsewhere and opted to spend the time camping at home, five minutes down the hill along our little creek. This year I will be trying to simplify our family life (and often complex family logistics) as much as possible, and in the spirit of this new approach the decision to choose the easier option was made. Instead of hours of planning and packing and organisation and hustle, we had time for relaxing together. There was time for swimming in the creek, reading and drawing by the fire, collecting tadpoles and yabbies, spotting different coloured dragonflies and picking wildflowers. And as you can see from the happy faces above, the kids did not feel they were missing out because we chose the simpler option. It is a choice I will be striving to make more often in 2015.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPC310079On New Year’s Eve we sat around the campfire and shared our thoughts on the year just past, and our hopes for the year ahead. We wrote down the best thing from 2014, what we hope to do in 2015, and what we could improve on for 2015. We decorated our little scrolls with gum leaves, flowers, feathers and grasses and symbolically threw them into the flames of the fire as we welcomed in the New Year.

Camping at home is set to become a New Year family tradition. So simple, and yet so very good.


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