Bush Kids

Children and Nature




It rained all day today. With a house full of children (including extras), by afternoon the novelty of a day indoors was wearing off. There were moments when it looked like the rain was easing, and I mentally shifted gear to prepare the children for heading out. By mid afternoon, with the rain persisting, I decided there was only one course available to avoid cabin fever consuming the household. We water-proofed ourselves as best as possible (discovering in the process that several pairs of feet have outgrown their gumboots) and ventured out into the rain.

By the time I had found boots enough to fit all the growing feet, those already out had managed to soak through their first layers in the closest puddle. As I had a particular destination in mind, I urged them onwards, knowing the goal would be worth the sogginess. On a recent run I had spotted two big dirtpiles down the road, left there during some works on the power line, that were easily accessible for our playing pleasure.

Dirtpiles are always good. You can dig in them, ride down them, drive tonka trucks filled with dirt over them, jump off them, and roll on them. Dirtpiles in the rain are even better; slipping sliding digging and diving on wet dirt doesn’t get any better.

We returned home several hours later sodden and with everything covered in mud, but we had run and rolled off the agitation that occurs in this family from being indoors too much. Dirtpiles and kids go together, whatever the weather.


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