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Snow Days


The only greater joy in pulling aside the curtains in the morning to the sight of snow falling, is the possibility that the snowfall could result in a phonecall from school declaring a ‘Snow Day’.

In many parts of Australia schools close during summer on ‘extreme heat’ days (over 38/39°C), but here in the mountains, school is cancelled when students and teachers cannot make it to school because of heavy snow.

A ‘Snow Day’ was declared this week resulting in great jubilation, and a snow day it certainly was. With unprecedented efficiency and independence, the kids had located all their various scattered items of snow clothing and were dressed and outside in record time, straight after a speedy breakfast. And there they spent nearly every moment of the snowy day – building snow forts and houses and snowmen, tobogganing and sliding, rolling in snow, eating snow, and of course throwing the odd snowball or two.

The snow has remained on the ground for much of the week, and for as long as it stays so too does a general mood of equal parts exhilaration and contentment. The magical transformation wrought by snowfall on the landscape adds so much to our experience of Winter. Blizzard conditions, freezing hands and sodden clothing do not distract the children from their single-minded purpose: to remain outside exploring every dimension of snow play until forced to come inside and eat! Snow Days are joy, pure and simple.




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