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On the trails


A rare day out together – John and I left dinner in the fridge and instructions for soccer practice logistics with the grandparents, and headed out on a glorious clear sunny day to the cross country ski trails at Perisher.

I get the exhilaration of downhill skiing, and the members of this family are all learning to love flying down a hill at speed. But for me, cross country/back country skiing is hands-down what I would rather be doing.

As an endurance sports lover, cross country is a perfect fit for me. I love skiing up hills, as well as down. I love being in constant motion, rather than standing around in busy queues waiting for lifts. And I love being out in the quiet pristine alpine landscape, amongst twisted snow gums with vistas over the range.

I have been waiting for years to get back out on the trails – as most of the time I am in the support role – while John teaches the kids how to snow plough. It won’t be long though, now that the smallest are almost up and running, until we can ski together as a family. And maybe then I can persuade them sometimes to join me over on the other side of the valley, away from the crowds, where the skiing is light and free and absolutely peaceful.


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